The Jeff Santos Show Today 3-6pm ET: Politics: Scott Walker, Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton! Memorial Day Sports Round-Up With Adam Kaufman!

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GUESTS FOR FRIDAY MAY 22, 2015 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: We'll be getting a Scott Walker update .... seems that the Republican Legislature has voted to remove the Gov as chair of the Wiconsin Economic Development Corp....what't that all about? Robert Kraig will tell us! And Jeff's going to talk a little MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey with Adam Kaufman of! ....Join the Conversation! Call toll-free on 844-3-SANTOS (844-372-6867)!

- Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

- Annie Linskey, National Political Reporter for the Boston Globe will talk about how Hillary Clinton is doing with the campaigning in New Hampshire.

- sports columnist Adam Kaufman with a check in on the Red Sox, Boston Bruins (under new management!), Chicago Blackhawks in the Playoffs, the N.E. Patriots situation and other sports news to take you into the holiday weekend!

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Jeff Santos Show 5/21/15

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GUESTS FOR THURSDAY MAY 21, 2015: Congress' Mad Rush Before The Memorial Day Break! Rare Thursday Visit From Rona Fried! How much damage are the Republicans going to do with the hasty votes they are trying to complete before the week is over and they head home for Memorial Day? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Renewing NSA spying - are we collecting bulk phone data or not? What are YOU anticipating?

- John Businger, former MA state Rep (D-Brookline, serving for 28 years!) and chief advocate for the Boston North-South Station Rail Link

- Jerry Austin, award-winning political consultant and Campaign Manager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign.

- Rona Fried, founder of with the latest environmental and green economy news. We usually talk with Rona on Wednesdays, but this week, we're doing "Green Day Thursday!"

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Jeff Santos Show 5/20/15

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GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY MAY 20, 2015: Looking At The 2016 Democratic Contenders! David Letterman's Last Day! The Strategists & TPP Warren-Obama Rift! Covering a lot of 2016 politics today with everyone from MSNBC political reporter Alex Seitz-Wald to the strategists. What are the implications of President Obama's public fight with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for the race? We'll also talk about David Letterman on his last day(!) with Boston Globe TV Critic Matthew Gilbert and consider the significance of his show and his long career as the reigning leader of late night TV - after his beginnings as a weatherman and stand-up comedian. One thing for sure - David Letterman loves the Rock and Roll music and has given thousands of performers and bands a boost by having them on the show! What has David Letterman meant to you?)

- Alex Seitz-Wald MSNBC Political Reporter covering Hillary Clinton and the Democratic field in the 2016 Presidential Primaries. We'll look at the Clinton campaign, the current challenges with the email account inquiries, and also take a look at how the rest of the field is shaping up, with Senator Bernie Sanders and others joining the race.

- The Strategists!, Jerry Austin, award-winning political consultant and Campaign Manager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign, together with Brad Bannon political pollster, strategist, commentator and blogger for USNews, and long-time political operator and former Carter Administration staffer Earl Bender.

- Matthew Gilbert, TV Critic for the Boston Globe will talk with Jeff about David Letterman's last night tonight as a talk show host and how he upended the late-night genre!

- Jim Warren, Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News and former Managing Editor for the Chicago Tribune. On the topic of the continuing battle between President Obama and Senator Warren over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP). The President is on the side of Mitch McConnell on this one, which has progressives rattled and seriously questioning the President's motives.

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Jeff Santos Show 5/19/15

GUESTS FOR TUESDAY MAY 19, 2015 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren...and More "Mad Men" Political Parallels! The Return of "Teacher Tuesday"! What's on YOUR mind this Tuesday?....Join the Conversation!

- Raphael J Sonenshein Executive Director of of the Edmund G “Pat" Brown Institute for Public Affairs at California State University LA.

- John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine and co-author of the book Dollarocracy, How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America. John was traveling yesterday, so he's joining Jeff on Tuesday, instead of his usual Monday at 3:34pm ET time slot! Check out his latest posts at the Nation HERE.

- Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, specializing in the areas of National Security, Middle East politics and terrorism.

- The Teacher Tuesday segment returns to The Jeff Santos Show with guests, "badass Teachers" Marla Kilfoyle and Jamy Brice Hyde!

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Jeff Santos Show 5/18/15

GUESTS FOR MONDAY MAY 18, 2015 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Looking At The History & Themes Of AMC's "Mad Men" & The Tsarnaev Verdict! Also...What To Do About Amtrak, With Gov Ed Rendell! Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to cause the Amtrak train derailment last week. The New York Times reported yesterday that it appears that 3 trains (including the fated Philadelphia train) were hit by some sort of thrown object, such as a large rock. Could that have played a part in the accident? What do YOU think? And what about that Waco shooting? What's on YOUR mind this Monday?

- Terry O'Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Last time Terry O'Neill was on the show, we looked at the theme of sexism and standing up to the establishment - through the lens of Jeff's favorite TV Show, AMC's Mad Men. We're taking advantage of Terry's historical expertise to look at American society in the early 1970's. We'll also look at Senator Elizabeth Warren - her ideas and influence on the 2016 political races & recent battle with President Obama over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement.

- Ed Rendell, Former Pennsylvania Governor from 2003-2011. He is currently a partner at Ballard Spahr, LLP and has been a contributing news analyst for NBC and MSNBC. He was the Mayor of Philadelphia from 1992-2000 and served as Chair of the DNC during the 2000 Presidential election. He'll talk about last week's Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia and the country's great need for infrastructure investments.

- Earl Bender, President of Avenel Associates, political strategist at Totten Communications and regular contributor to the Jeff Santos Show. Convicted "Boston Marathon Bomber" Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given the death penalty last week, at the end of a lengthy sentencing phase in which Sister Helen Prejean even testified on behalf of the Tsarnaev defense team and against sentencing the young bomber to death. Earl Bender has been a long-time anti-Capital Punishment advocate and has contributed expert testimony on the subject on many occasions.

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