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GUESTS FOR MONDAY JUNE 2, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: President Announces Historic Limits on Carbon Emissions! GOP Questions Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Swap! What do YOU think about Bowe Bergdahl's release? Will it lead to more military kidnappings?

- John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine and co-author of the book "Dollarocracy, How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America.President Obama made a historic announcement today limiting emissions from coal-fired power - this is great news for air quality and public health - but will it help us move to alternative energy and green jobs? We'll check in with our regular Monday contributor John Nichols about that, tomorrow's primary elections, and other news of the day! Read John's latest posts at the Nation on How the $15 Seattle Wage is part of a Bigger National Movement and Maya Angelou's Civil Rights Legacy.

- Alan H. Lockwood, M.D., former President and current National Board Member of Physicians for Social Responsibility. He is an Emeritus Professor at the University at Buffalo in Neurology and Nuclear Medicine and the lead author of a the Physicians for Social Responsibility's report: “Coal’s Assault on Human Health.” Dr. Lockwood is also the author of a book on coal, The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health. Earlier today, President Obama made history by announcing the FIRST EVER FEDERAL LIMITS on carbon pollution from existing power plants. Dr. Lockwood will explain how reducing these emissions from burning coal will help improve the health of Americans!

- Andrew Borene, Truman National Security Project Defense Council Member and a defense industry executive, attorney and adjunct professor of Public Affairs specializing in disruptive technologies. He is a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq and later as Associate Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Defense. He is a pro bono advisor to lawyers and veterans in recovery from addiction, depression, and other life crises. He has published legal sourcebooks on International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law (Law of Armed Conflict) and U.S. Intelligence Community Law. We'll talk with Borene about the surprise prisoner exchange over the weekend - 5 Taliban members detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for U.S. Marine Bowe Bergdahl who has been held captive for 5 years after being captured in Afghanistan in 2009. Republican members of Congress are asking questions and calling for hearings, some criticizing the President for "negotiating with Terrorists" and for releasing the GITMO prisoners without the required 30 days of notice (the DOD got an exception from the Justice Department in this case.) Bergdahl supporters are happy that we're bringing one of our own home.

- Earl Bender, President of Avenel Associates, political strategist at Totten Communications and regular contributor to the Jeff Santos Show. Big Primaries tomorrow in several states including California where candidates are vying to fill the seat in the 33rd District being vacated by Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman. In Iowa the Republican Senate Primary is getting a lot of attention with Mitt Romney and others campaigning for "hog-castrating" candidate Joni Ernst who would like a chance at Tom Harkin's seat. And of course we have the old guard Republicans competing against the Tea Party in Mississippi...

- John Businger, Former 30-year Massachusetts State Rep (D-Brookline) and advocate for voting rights and rail transportation.