Jeff Santos Show 8/14/13

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, 2013 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Sentenced to 30 Months! Wife Sentenced too!

- Jerry Austin, award-winning political consultant who has worked for many candidates over the years from Sherrod Brown to Paul Wellstone and as Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign Manager. Big news today! Former U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds. His wife Sandi, a former Chicago alderman was sentenced to 12 months in prison and was charged with not reporting $600K of taxable income to the IRS. They have been asked to pay back the $750K and $168K in back-taxes, and will serve their sentences one after the other - Jesse Jackson, Jr. will serve first starting November 1st. The Reverend Jesse Jackson commented on his son's bipolar disorder which he believes contributed to the criminal misuse of funds: “I don’t know how I missed so many signs. We found out he was sick very late. We thought we almost lost him. He was in a different place altogether.”

- John Businger, Former Massachusetts State Rep, serving the Town of Brookline for almost 30 years AND chief advocate for the Boston South Station rail link. With the signing in North Carolina this week of the country's most restrictive "Voter ID" Law, we see that there is absolutely no question that voting is under attack in America. And it's pretty clear who the powers-that-be would like to keep from voting!

- Rona Fried, Founder & CEO of, a global news and networking website dedicated to green business, speaking to us today from up north in Maine! It's "Green Day Wednesday"... positive "green news" -- investment in renewable energy is booming, as investors see wind and solar farms as a reliable source of income -- and new "HyRef" technology from IBM will help improve performance of solar and wind power plants by tracking and following weather patterns.

- Bruce Baizel, Energy Program Director, Earthworks. Millions of Americans Get Drinking Water From Public Lands--We Risk Contamination if Fracking Rules are Weakened -- the Public Comment Period on new weakened rules is open til August 23rd.

INFO: watersheds on national forests and grasslands are the source of 20 percent of the nation’s water supply; recreational activities on U.S. Forest lands contribute $14.5 billion annually to the U.S. economy. Public lands belong to all Americans and protecting these lands as a primary water source and for continued economic growth into the future for local, state and federal economies is vital. New weak proposed rules over fracking on public lands (1) do not require companies to insure that cement barriers in fracking wells are safe; (2) will allow testing of only one well in a group instead of each individual well; and (3) will not require companies to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground. The public comment period to the Bureau of Land Management is open through August 23rd. People can go to and click on TAKE ACTION to "Protect Public Lands and Public Health from Dirty Drilling".

- Jim Warren, NY Daily News D.C. Bureau Chief and former managing editor at the Chicago Tribune...from somewhere in Wisconsin. The President on vacation; Hillary taking on voting rights; Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife going to prison!